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Weber Oil Company, Inc. started in 1969 when Gene Weber came to Kiel as a commissioned agent of
Standard Oil Company. When Standard Oil eliminated the commissioned agents in 1976, Gene and his
wife, Janet, purchased the facility and named it Weber Oil Company, Inc.

The office and bulk tanks are currently located on Mueller Road in Kiel, and Weber Oil Company, Inc. is
now run by Gene's children, Dennis Weber, David Weber and Connie Klapperich. It has grown over the years
from serving farms and residences with a single truck, to its current status of operating three delivery trucks
on a full-time basis, which provide fuel service to residential, agricultural, industrial and commercial
customers throughout the area. Weber Oil Company, Inc. also operates eight convenience stores located

in Kiel, Chilton, Brillion, Valders, New Holstein, Plymouth, Whitelaw and St. Cloud, Wisconsin. A full line of
quality lubricants is also available for industrial and farm applications.

Weber Oil Company, Inc. has also expanded its business to include propane services through Web-Pro L.P. Gas, Inc. which has been in serving the area's propane needs since 1991. Additional information on Web-Pro L.P. Gas, Inc. can be found at

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